Various Products - 50 words or under

I Waho

The sun is setting and you are getting ready for the show. Picture-perfect summer evenings just got better. 

Your I Waho lamp has been solar charging all day. And now… it casts a charming spell over your yard. Illuminating the night for magical moments. 


The Thor’s Hammer of pens! Powerful, Immortal, Projects Strength. 

Break out this bad boy to close the BIG deals. Reinforced with fine metal,  Kyna will be the last pen that you ever need!


Who said toilet paper holders have to be boring?

Köysi brings natural vibrations to your home.  Each piece is handcrafted with sprinkles of personality. Tapping into the energy of celtic ferries! 


Elevate your coaster game! Complementing any decor plan, Sotto will whimsically grab the attention of guests. 

Crafted with artisan hand-stitching. The soft bristles will brush through your fingers, warming your body with tingles. 


 Add some craftsmanship to your home! Cestino is handmade & stitched with love.

Give a rustic feel to any room! Use it for storing stuff, plant & floral arrangements, or as stand-alone decor.  


You are on the move! Coffee is your jet-fuel, BUT those starbucks stops are burning money. 

Just make drinks at home! Legna is the perfect grab ‘n go size, keeping your drinks warm with no leakage. Tea & coffee lovers rejoice! 


Unleash the goddess within! Tapping into an ancient Roman beauty. 

Ilalia will complete your outfit, keeping everything nice & tight. A centerpiece of fun-loving days and all those wild nights. 


Transport yourself to the land of smiles, rice fields, and the worlds best food. Savouring the flavor explosion that is Javanese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine.

Used by master chefs, Lāʻau chopsticks are reinforced with top-strength metal. Keep them in your kitchen for years! 

Naturehike aʻole

Rain, waterfalls, monsoons! Doesn’t matter! You essentials will be protected with Naturehike aʻole.

If you are an outdoorsy folk, this a must-have. Tackle those long hikes knowing your stuff will stay nice & dry!