Massage Gun Product Page

Physical Therapy In The Comfort Of Your Own Home! A Self-Massager With The Smartest Tech!

Gym Goers! Do You Want HEAVY Sessions Without The Dreaded Post-Workout Soreness?
Business Professionals! After Hours Of Sitting At The Desk, You Need To Alleviate Your Back. 
Chronic Pain Sufferers! Ease Your Woes Without Pricey Physical Therapists. 

*Oh yeah baby! Feeling that burn!*

You’re crushing it at the gym! Sweat dripping down your face, chest puffed out, cool aircon blowing on your skin.

Time for 3 extra sets! No pain, no gain, right?

Well, there’s just one problem…

…The next day!

Those extra sets have you SORE. You feel like a bus crashed directly into your chest. There’s no way you can make it back to the gym. Oh well, tomorrow you’ll be back on the game!


The pain progressively gets worse. Keeping you from a proper workout for days. This is not how you get them gainz.

Perhaps a massage or physical therapy?

NAH! That costs a fortune and takes precious time from your day. Going back and forth all week long…

Then what’s the solution?

You need REVIVE! It’s a personal body massager. Like physical percussion therapy, but from the comfort of your own home. And it’s not just for gym-rats! 

Sitting behind a computer all day messes up your neck & back. Reducing your productivity & well-being. When your work day is finished, fire up REVIVE! You’ll loosen up your knots and feel a hell of a lot better. 

If you have chronic pain – FINALLY you’ve got an in-home solution. One where you control the pressure, timing, and more. No more relying on some therapist named Steve. And experience sweet, sweet relief. 

With revolutionary smart technology, REVIVE is the top Percussion Gun on the market. But more on that later…  

Increase Blood Flow. Decrease Lactic Acid. Interrupt The Pain Cycle In Your Brain.
  • Heal your post-workout soreness & prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
  • Alleviate stress in your muscles, tendons, and joints
  • Rejuvenate any stiffness in your body
  • Warm up your body for those high intensity days
  • Help manage chronic soft-tissue issues that prevent you from being at your best
  • Reduce your recovery times! More gym sessions & MORE PROGRESS

You control your destiny! Choose from 30 speed levels and 6 massage heads.

As you target different muscles groups, you decide on the intensity (not therapist Steve). With a constant feedback loop from your own body, YOU get to choose when to switch it up. 

…REVIVE’s unique smart technology  has a built-in pressure-inductance feedback system. This automatically adjusts the motor output according to the pressure. This creates perfect percussion for your muscles and ensures your safety. More than you get with other massage guns! 


So How Does It Work? 

It’s fairly simple actually. REVIVE massages deep into muscle tissue. Increasing blood flow to your muscles, decreasing lactic acid and interrupting the pain cycle in the brain!

It does this by flushing extracellular liquids such as lymph fluid and venous blood out of muscle tissue. Sending them back into the circulatory system.

With all these fluids gone, you’ll experience:

  • Reduced inflammation and muscle tension.
  • Loosening of pesky knots
  • Breaking down of scar tissue & adhesion

With these issues addressed, your recovery times will be MUCH shorter. Meaning, you can put in WORK more frequently.

And go harder!

Use it pre AND post workout for the best effect. The massage from REVIVE loosens muscles for greater flexibility. It also increases activation & contraction of your tissue. This preps your body for intense workouts! Improving endurance and performance.

How REVIVE Will Change Up Your Gym Routine & Whole Life!

In The Gym: 

  • The Real Heal – You’ve tried hot packs, ice packs, and half-assed self-massages. With REVIVE, you’ve finally got a DIY massager that solves your soreness and facilitates recovery.
  • Alleviate To Elevate- With intense workouts, stress builds up in your muscles, tendons, and joints. Alleviating this tension will bring your body to new heights!  
  • Lighten Up Francis – Are your legs as stiff as a board? REVIVE massages will have you feeling as loose as feather in the wind.
  • End The Wobble – F@^K it’s leg day again? Last week you stumbled around for 2 whole days. With REVIVE massages, you can kiss the wobble goodbye!
  • Engage BEAST MODE – Use REVIVE before your workout to ‘wake’ your muscles  up. They respond more efficiently to the training. Gainz all day, every day!
  • GET YOUR BUTT BACK IN THE GYM! – Your recovery times will be reduced. Schedule intense workouts WAY more often. Short-tracking your path to the body of your dreams!

General Wellness: 

  • Guess Who’s Back? – You just haven’t been the same since your chronic pain started. Cranky outbursts, sleepless nights, no progress at work. REVIVE’s pain relief will whisk all these problems away. Return to your normal self!
  • A Business Pro’s Best Friend – Those long days at the work have been killing your back. Making it a struggle to get everything done. With REVIVE you’ll fix the pain right up. Optimizing your health so you can CRUSH IT!
  • Ease Your Mind – In today’s go go go worlds, it’s easy to get anxious. But too much stress is no good. Use REVIVE to give yourself a nice massage. Relaxing your body & mind.   


How To Become Your Own Physical Therapist

REVIVE comes with a comprehensive guide. The most important thing to remember is that using this type of percussion therapy shouldn’t cause pain. 

  1. Decide on a muscle to target
  2. Select your massage head and speed level.
  3. Start with low intensity, increasing as needed
  4. Start massaging the area, making a circular motion with the gun
  5. Move on to another muscle, repeating the process
  6. This can be done pre or post workout!


Burning Questions? We’ve Got Answers

How long should I apply the massage gun?

It varies from muscle to muscle & person to person. As a general rule, don’t use on one muscle for over 30 seconds.

How often should I use the massage gun?

Just like working out, you should not use the massage gun on the same muscles every day. Stick to 2-3 times per week for each individual muscle.

If you want to use the gun every day, that’s fine. Just switch up what muscles you target.

Are there age restrictions?

Every user should be 18 years old or older. 

Who shouldn’t use massage guns?

Percussion guns can work wonders for all sorts of pains & ailments. But those with some conditions should CONSULT A DOCTOR before use. These include: 

  • Pulled Muscle 
  • Sprained Muscle 
  • Inflammation Injuries (Tendonitis, Bursitis, Fasciitis, Periostitis)
  • Broken Bones
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Severe Varicose Veins
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscular dystrophy  
  • Any condition that affects blood vessels 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia 

If an area becomes very red – Cease application. This means there’s already a lot of blood flow there. Move on to the next muscle group.

Don’t keep the gun in a static position – If the gun remains in a still spot, your skin could bruise. Instead, move the gun in circles around the target area.

If you experience pain – Your muscle is resisting the pressure. Either reduce the intensity or stop completely. The therapy should not be painful.

Don’t use for non-muscular injuries – This therapy is meant only for muscle issues.


 Features & Specifications
  • Speeds: 30
  • Frequency: up to 4000rpm
  • Stroke depth: 12mm
  • Noise: <30dB – Whisper quiet on the decibel scale
  • Power: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Working battery life: 4-6 hours of massage
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Size: 24cm x 5cm x 25cm


What’s In The Box
  • 1 x Massage Gun
  • 6 x Massage Heads
  • 1 x Power Charger (US/EU/UK/AU)
  • 1 x Storage Case
  • 1 x User Manual