Home Decor Product Description

Dazzle Dazzle.

Are you tired of poorly lit areas in your home? Or worse yet…light that blinds you! 

The starburst chandelier gives you just the right amount of shine. Doing so in style! 

Bright brass leaves shoot out from the spherical center!  With varying lengths & angles, a star sculpture is formed. The breath of the universe, encapsulated in your home. Commanding the attention of every guest. 

The mid-century design complements any dining area. It pairs especially well with wooden tables, allowing for wood stains to radiate. Shall we say, a match made in the cosmos! The antique brass rod & wall mount blend in seamlessly within the room.

Emitting a soft glow, you will bring elegance to your home. Use it to complete your living room, bedroom, entryway, or dining space. Drawing warm energy from all who gaze upon it. 

Sixten inset light sockets reflect the pendulant shine all around your home. Illuminating life’s stage for fond memories to be made. 

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