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Note: This is a pre-launch page

Small Business Owners. Here’s A Simple Way To Create + Manage Facebook & Google Ads

(Saving You Time, Money, & Energy)

Do you struggle with online advertising? 

You are not alone! Millions of small business owners are underutilizing the potential of Facebook & Google Ads. Perhaps you’ve tried, failed, and gave up. Or it’s something you keep putting off.  

But without them you’re missing out on a ton of revenue:

  • 26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads reported making a purchase. That’s one in four! 
  • With organic Facebook posts, you’re only reaching 2% of people who “like” you. 
  • 86% of consumers use Google to find local businesses 
  • Google Ads have an average return on investment of 8:1. Meaning every $1 spent, you make $8. 

Ok, you understand what these platforms can do for your business.  But where to start? 

Learning all the ins & outs of online advertising is difficult. 

  • How do I write the ad and pick the best image? 
  • What audiences should I target?
  • How do I tell if it’s working? 
  • What regulations do I have to follow? 

Navigating this maze takes a lot of time & effort. Not to mention, constant management. But you’re ridiculously busy already! You’re running a business after all. And your energy should go to operations. 

Bigger businesses can hire marketing agencies. But at 1000’s of dollars a month, they are out of reach for most local entrepreneurs. So what can you do? 

Well, we’ve been developing a game-changing application for business owners like you! Admenu is an automation tool that takes all the guess work out! 

It’s literally a menu of ads. You’ll choose from premade selections of ad text, images, and landing page designs. Then with one click, everything is taken care of!

The app will create, optimize, and manage your Faceobook & Google campaigns. Paying customers will come to you on autopilot!

Admenu will hit the market in a few months. For your support, we’d like to offer a prelaunch deal. A lifetime discount for the app! But more on that in a bit…


How To Get More Customers With Admenu

When you sign up, we’ll collect all the info we’d ever need. This includes:

  • Business Name
  • Logo
  • Location + Radius Customers Live In 
  • A Review From One Of Your Customers 
  • Etc 

Then, you’ll choose a business category (Florist, Plumber, Financial Planners, we’ve got tons of options!) 

Once you’re finished setting up your profile, it’s time to create your first ad campaign. All of the menu options are targeted for your industry. 

We’ve gathered a team of professionals to craft all of your selections. Copywriters, web designers, and top quality stock photography. At your service, to ensure you get plenty of clicks.  

Easy Ad Creation – Just A Few Steps 
  • Choose from various texts
  • Select from different images 
  • Pick from a range of landing page designs 

Congratulations! You’ve just saved countless hours! Admenu will customize the selections with your business info. Just set your monthly budget and the ad will go live. 

But the job isn’t complete just yet…

To make the most money with Google & Facebook Ads, management is required. Admenu also takes care of your optimization and retargeting campaigns. 

What’s Optimization? 

To make your online advertising successful, your campaigns need to be efficient. This requires running the ads, analyzing data, and making adjustments. 

But not just once! The marketplace is always changing. So optimization is a constant cycle. 

Normally, this would take hours from your week. But with Admenu, the whole process is automatic.Our algorithms will make slight changes every few days. Making sure your ads are providing the best return on investment! 

What’s Retargeting? 

Do you ever feel like advertisements are following you? You click on something once and suddenly that company is everywhere. That’s retargeting. And it’s unbelievably powerful!

You’re not always going to get the conversion on the first try. The consumer could be checking out competitors, have gotten distracted, or is waiting to buy. 

But by clicking, the potential customer has expressed interest. They are 70% more likely to convert from a retargeting ad. So you’ve got to get back on their radar! 

Admenu will set up the retargeting campaigns for you. It’s programmed to apply this practice just as a professional agency would. Making sure paying customers don’t slip through the cracks. Resulting in tons of sales! 

Choose Your Package

*client put a graphic here, explaining the packages*

Our Prelaunch Offer For You – A Lifetime Discount!

So you’re interested in Admenu and want access to the prelaunch deal. All you need to do is input your email! Once we launch, you can apply your lifetime discount.

Normally our packages run at the per month rate of:  

  • Essentials – $250
  • Walking – $500
  • Running – $750 

When you sign up for our prelaunch offer, you’ll get forever access to “Running” for the price of “Essentials”. Yes! Our top-tier package for just $250 a month. No commitment necessary. You can choose if & when you want to sign up.

Compared to the $1000’s that agencies charge, Admenu packs so much value! 

For just $250 a month:

  • Create Your Facebook & Google Ads in Minutes
  • Get Access to Professional Ad Text, Images, & Landing Pages 
  • Optimize & Retarget on Autopilot 
  • Bring a Constant Stream Of New Customers 
  • Skyrocket Your Sales, Revenue, & Profit 
  • Transform Your Business

Admenu is the tool small business owners have been praying for! And it’s almost here! 

You’re part of an exclusive group. One that gets access to our top-tier package for such a valuable price.

Time to bring your business to the next level! Input your email below. 

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Small Business Owners. Here’s A Simple Way To Create + Manage Facebook & Google Ads

(Saving You Time, Money, & Energy)

These days, online advertising is essential to any business. But learning how to creat & manage ad campaigns is tough. It takes a lot of trial & error! That’s why we are developing Admenu.

After inputting you business info, you’ll choose from preformatted selections to create your ad. All your choices will be based on your industry. 

Easy Ad Creation – Just A Few Steps 
  • Choose from various texts
  • Select from different images 
  • Pick from a range of landing page designs 

Admenu will also manage, optimize, and retarget for you. Using programmed strategies straight from professional agencies. Making sure your ads get great return on investments.

For our prelaunch, we’re offering you a lifetime discount. Our top-tier package (normally $750 per month), for just $250. No commitment necessary. You can choose if & when you want to sign up. Just input your email below!